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‘Bring Your Own Devices’ is a concept being adopted by workplaces and in educational settings. It was brought up in one of our forums by one of my classmates, Mike Ralph. Here is a video by the Peel District School Board, who have started implementing BYOD into their classrooms. I can see the advantages of this concept because of the fact that you will be most comfortable using a device you own. Because most students (and parents) prefer to have the most current devices, it helps institutions by not having to purchase the latest technologies for entire classrooms frequently. My concern in the forum was for the students that didn’t possess the latest device or didn’t own a device at all. After watching the video, I was more comfortable seeing that the school would provide devices for those who chose not to bring their own. Hope you enjoy the video!


Plagiarism Detection Tools

In our discussion forums relating to copyrights, my classmate, Brian Phillips, started a discussion about free online tools that can detect whether a paper written by a student was copied off the internet. All you need to do is copy and paste parts of your students work that you suspect and the program will scan the internet for sources where the work may be from.

I found this topic interesting and found this site that lists the top ten free plagiarism tools as well as an article in reasons why it’s a good to use these tools in elearning. I especially liked reason 2, where you can use the experience as an educational aid and teach the proper way to research online.

Technology, Education, and Your State of Mind

I decided to choose an option for our class to create a podcast. I have never done one before, and I thought it would be interesting. The assignment was to find an article within the last 2t years and summarize it.

I found an interesting article that talks about technology being developed that would customize learning to the students state of mind.  I believe a students state of mind plays such a big part in their ability to learn. Having learning tools that can measure your students’ state of mind will be very useful in promoting engagement in classrooms.

Natural Machines

A classmate in my online program, Suzanne Carlisle,  posted this video from Ted Talks.


It is quite amazing to see how far technology has come and the impact it will have in education.

I just wasn’t sure if it would solve his problem of people shutting out their environment on devices. I thinking with this technology you can just as easily shut people out while being in your own virtual reality world.