PIDP 3260 Professional Practice Journal Entry 3


 “…students often say that such teachers ‘walk the talk’.” This quote was taken from the context of authenticity. “Walking the talk” refers to the fact that such instructors genuinely want to teach in an environment where the learner’s interest is valued. This includes being open and honest with the class without hidden agendas. When setting the ground rules for your class and holding yourself accountable to these rules is what your class can appreciate. “Authenticity here finds expression in consistency between values and actions.” (



 As stated earlier, I believe students can appreciate it when they feel they are in an environment where their learning is a priority. Teachers who falsely try to create such an environment because they think can cause disappointment when the class identifies that it isn’t authentic. “Nothing destroys students’ trust in teachers more quickly than seeing teachers espouse one set of principles or commitments (for example, to democracy, active participatory learning, critical thinking, or responsiveness to students’ concerns) and then behave in ways that contradict these.” (Brookfield, 2006)



In order for an instructor to ‘walk the talk’, I believe the main characteristic is to be honest. You must truly believe in the rules you set out and state the guidelines of classroom clearly so the class understands what kind of learning environment you are creating. However, being authentic is not just having a set of rules, it’s the integrity of your belief system when it comes to education. “Whenever we promote success to students without first modeling it, we’re seen as hypocrites in their eyes, even if they don’t admit it. In addition, we lose credibility in the classroom. (



When it comes to being an instructor, I want to be one that ‘walks the talk’. If and when I have a classroom of my own, I do not want to deceive my class. I want to put my students learning as top priority or I wouldn’t to teach at all. There is no point in teaching if I cannot gain trust from my students and be regarded as authentic. I want to be very clear about the learning environment I want to create and uphold my integrity to keep my promise on how the class is going to run. “So an important part of skillful teaching is to find ways to communicate regularly your criteria, assumptions, and purposes and then to keep checking in to make sure students understand these.” (Brookfield, 2006)


Brookfield, S. D. (n.d.). Skillful Teacher: on Technique, Trust, and Responsiveness in the Classroom {Jossey-bass Higher and Adult Education Series ; 2nd Ed.}. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (US). Pages 68 and 70.


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