Reflection of the PIDP

PIDP 3260 is my final course within the PIDP program. Looking back at all the courses I had to take including this one, a lot has happend. I originally enrolled in this program to have an option of becoming a chef instructor. Little did I know that the concept of teaching is this vast entity in itself where your subject matter takes a back seat. Learning ‘how’ to teach is just as important as the information you want to impart on your students. Without the proper tools to present your message, the impact of your lessons could suffer.

Coming into this program, I had no idea what the content included. I think the most important thing I learned though out the program was the idea of assessment: ¬†Assessment in many forms including self assessment, feedback from students, the difference between formal and informal assessment, and different assessment tools that can be used. I believe gathering information from the different perspectives of your classroom can be vital to how you want to create your environment for learning. Assessment and feedback need to be ongoing as well. “Continuous assessment and feedback is an imperative component of the learning process” (

Looking toward the future, if I happen to pursue a career in education within the culinary arts or any other subject matter, I believe I would use the tools I have learned and constantly question and assess my class, curriculum, and teaching techniques. Receiving feedback from my students would be an important aspect in my classroom as I would want to develop a learner centered environment where they know their voice matters. “The proposed feedback model places the student in the centre of the feedback process, and stresses that the attainment of student learning outcomes is influenced by the students themselves” (




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