Importance of Life Long Learning as a Professional

There was a time in my life that I didn’t believe in life long learning. I had thought that the knowledge you gained was most vital when learned from experiences within your career. I was a chef at the time and felt that as long as I put in the time, I would gain all the knowledge I needed from the chefs I had worked for. It took a while to understand how much more you needed learn outside of the four walls of your workplace and to develop as a professional in whatever you do. Some renowned chefs even have their own food lab where experiments with techniques and interesting ingredients are tested in various ways to see what new innovations can be created. (

When the focus is on education, I believe lifelong learning shouldn’t just be promoted by educators, it should be practiced by them as well. Especially in the age of rapidly advancing technology, things are changing in a lot of different industries including education. We cannot simply come out of our respective teaching programs and feel that we are prepared to teach without continuing to improve your craft or learn new ways to do what we were taught to do. I have found this website that talks about professional development for lifelong learning. I feel this is a great article that explains the importance of being a lifelong learner.



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