The Skillful Teacher by Stephen D. Brookfield-Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Lecturing Creatively

When I think of the word “lecture”, I automatically think back to my days in high school where I would have to endure a teacher standing at the front of the class talking for the whole period about straight content. I would start to daydream and not remember a thing hoping I can get this information from the textbook. I’m sure most people have had a similar experience. I don’t like lectures. I’m sure you know that already, however, this chapter helped me realize that I had been part of lessons that I enjoyed where lectures were used without me knowing it. I guess I just didn’t realize they were lectures because I didn’t think they were boring and long.

After reading this chapter, I began to see a lot of the techniques used by teachers I enjoyed learning from. I liked the idea of keeping the lecturing of content short to 10 to 15 min. I believe this point alone would help a lot of learners. Knowing a teacher is going to go at long lengths with content may not help the learner absorb the information. Keeping it short with breaks or collaborative activities in between can make it feel like less of a lecture.

I like the idea of lecturing from Siberia. “Instead they choose to locate themselves there so as to be as far away from teacher surveillance as possible” (Brookfield, 2006). I don’t think you have to be in that specific area, but I think moving around as you lecture would give a refreshing dynamic to the feel of the lesson.

Another theme I found throughout this chapter as well as this entire book is assessment. Getting feedback from the students can be vital to understanding what they liked and disliked about your lesson. This would help the instructor understand where there could be room for improvement in having a more effective lesson.

I have attached a link for lecturing effectively, which has many of the points from the chapter. There are a lot of helpful tips and techniques that can be used, as well as the points I touched on in this post.


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