The Skillful Teacher by Stephen D. Brookfield-Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Responding to Resistance

This chapter was split into 2 sections. The first section was basically talking about possible reasons for resistance. The reasons may be more than students not wanting to be there. Some examples included

  • fear of the unknown in terms of how the learner may change your perspective at the end of the course
  • teaching styles that don’t fit the learner
  • the learning having no connection to the learner’s interests
  • level of required learning  is inappropriate (poor judgement of the learner’s level)
  • lack of clarity in teacher’s instruction

These were just a few examples of many referenced in the book that I personally have had first hand experience in.

The second section deals with possible ideas and/or solutions that can help elevate resistance in the class. I am not going to list out what they are because I found them to have a similar running theme, which is to engage and access the class earnestly. Instead of butting heads with the individuals who seem to not care about you or what you are trying to do in your classroom, you should try to understand them. Put yourself in their shoes, access where their level of learning is, earn trust by clearly stating your intentions.

I found an interesting website about an interview with an author of a book regarding this subject and found it very relevant. Enjoy!


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