Professional Code of Conduct and Its Consequences

I was researching about professional code of conduct and came across University of British Columbia’s Professional Code of Conduct for their teacher candidates enrolled in their Bachelor of Education program. UBC is one of the more prestigious institutions in the lower mainland of British Columbia and I found it interesting to see how they structured their code of conducts, since it is local to me.

I have also attached a link to the protocol and procedures that happen when this code of conduct is broken. When you read through the sites, you know they are serious, and rightfully so, because of the liability involved. You can see the careful planning that is involved when structuring such a protocol.

It is important to have these guidelines in place for aspiring teachers and faculty members to know what is acceptable and unacceptable. Not only does having the code and protocol  help groom teacher candidates, but it protects the institution from strikes in reputation if these procedures are not set in place.


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