Forks in the Road

It’s funny how life changes. Certain things happen very slowly, and then there are times where it’s going so fast you don’t know what happend. These last 3 years have been a blur to me. I started the PIDP as a full-time working chef. I felt that being an instructor would be a good career choice as well as still be part of the culinary industry, without the long hours.

Things didn’t really pan out the way I thought it would. About a year after enrolling in the program, I decided to leave the culinary industry altogether and to go to school at VCC, where I took the Administrative Assistant program. It was an 8-month program and when I finished,  I was fortunate enough to find a good job right away.

I’ve been at my Admin job for a year now and like it very much. I am still looking to finish the PIDP because I’m so close to finishing and felt that I may still want to pursue a teaching career. Be it as a chef instructor or teaching in an administrative role, I am open to the options that can be created by completing this diploma program.

To be honest, I do not know what’s in store for me 5 years down the road. I feel my current job has a lot potential for growth and I can hone my craft as an administrative professional. I also don’t want to discount the fact that I have 18 years of experience of being a professional chef.

There are associations I could join to be more involved in each respective field. As a chef, I can join the Chef’s Association – BC Chapter. They do many events such as food shows, competitions, as well as volunteering to cook and feed the needy. I think being involved that way can help me build a strong case for passion within the culinary field. As an administrative professional, I could join the IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals). Like the Chef’s Association, the IAAP holds many events, as well as conferences to network and develop within the field. If I wanted to have more of a credential, there is a designation sponsored by the IAAP called the CAP (Certified Administrative Professional) where there is a prerequisite, preparation for, and the completion of an extensive exam. This designation would be useful to show I am a serious about being an administrative professional.

The most important thing for me at the moment is to finish the PIDP. I think I will have a great sense of accomplishment having finished the program, and I also believe that it may be useful in the future. You never know when you’ll come across that next fork in the road, so it’s better to be prepared.




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