The New Age of Teaching: Philip Altman

Below is a video from the Tedx program, which are self organized conferences. I found this speaker, Philip Altman, very interesting and I felt his topic was on a subject that is very relevant. His presentation talks about technology having negative effects on learning and even relates between 2 eras: One being in the present day and the other being in the time of Socrates and Plato. I found his argument compelling because I agree that the advanced technology in today’s world can isolate individuals who have access to vast libraries of information without interacting with a single soul.

In terms of teaching, I think the point he is trying to make is to keep the dialogue open. You can embrace technology but don’t forget about your peers. The power of collaboration can be quite substantial. As an inspiring instructor, this video teaches me that having that open dialogue with your students can help you understand their mindset, their level of understanding, and how engaged they are about your lesson. That information can be crucial in developing future lessons. This point is also part of Chapter 2 of the Skillful Teacher, where I will dive further in a future post.


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