Teaching Perspective Inventory

For the PIDP 3260 course -Professional Practice, it was suggested to take the TPI and comment about it. It’s like a survey to measure your orientation of teaching within  5 different perspectives:  Transmission, Apprenticeship, Development, Nurturing, and Social Reform.

I found it interesting because I felt it was pretty accurate on my perspectives if I was an instructor. Since I am currently not an instructor I took the inventory with the mindset of my background in the culinary arts. Since most learning in cooking comes the structure of apprenticeship, it wasn’t surprising that that perspective ranked high for me at 36. Transmission was a pretty high as well at 31. I feel this is because cooking at the basic level is quite rigid. Foundations need to be set before one can manipulate certain techniques and start using their creativity. What really opened my eyes was the perspective that scored the highest which was Nurturing at 37. Having cooked for 18 years, I have had many opportunities to mentor young cooks at different restaurants. My experience has shown me that being able to reach a learner at the emotional level has a huge impact on their learning and that has always been my approach. To be able to create a concept of the learning where you show value in the learning. I am glad I took the inventory because I felt it really captured my perspective accurately.

If you are interested, you can click on the attached link here – TPI

Why not give it a go? It’s free!


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