PIDP 3250 Journal Entry 3


Objective: This video was posted by classmate Rhonda Hite in her forum “Flipped Classroom Skies the Limit” under the Flipped Classroom category. This video depicts a teacher from Colorado using the Flipped classroom strategy.

Reflective: I have to respect someone who can take an idea of an instructional strategy that is quite different from the conventional way of teaching and apply it with proven success. This video makes me think that anything can be made better, including how to teach while looking at things from a different perspective. I’m inspired when I watch this video and I can see the student’s reception of this strategy to be a positive one. I’ve always known teaching in the traditional sense with teachers in a classroom or lecture hall dictating information and assigning homework while the students take notes and finish assignments at home. I think it takes courage to apply this strategy of instruction knowing that there is limited research on how effective this strategy may be in learning.

Interpretive: Although Flipped Learning seems to be gaining momentum in the educational world, there are downsides and instructors need to understand where mistakes can be made when applying this strategy. Students in a flipped classroom have to be comfortable and have access to technology and the internet to view the lessons or lectures. Also, instructors need to be able to trust students to watch lectures at home and there is no guarantee that participation from all students will happen. Testing with a flipped classroom model can be a challenge since this model doesn’t promote improving standardized testing. (
Finally, I don’t think the flipped classroom would work for all subjects. If a teacher decides to flip a classroom that isn’t suited for the subject, I think that would have negative effects on the students.

Decisional: The Flipped Classroom model definitely has its pros and cons. It is up to the instructor to decide whether this model is right for the class and if it’s suited for the subject. As someone who wants to be an instructor in the culinary arts, I believe there are elements that would work in the world of cooking. For generations, households have been watching cooking shows on television trying to grasp how to produce the same results. Imagine watching a cooking show where you can take what you’ve learned and apply it in a classroom kitchen the next day with an instructor guiding you along and correcting mistakes you may make. I really think this model can be the future of culinary education because demonstration of cooking methods can be viewed at home and valuable class time can be utilized with more hands on interaction and having students do the real cooking in class.



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