Gamification in the Classroom and the Element of Competition in Education

One of my assignments was to facilitate a forum.  I was the assigned the topic of gamification- the use of game thinking and game mechanics[1] in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems. (

As the thread went on the topic of competition came about and I found this interesting article on competition in a classroom environment.  Here were my thoughts, which I wrote in my forum:

“I think the competitive aspect of games takes away from the collaborative learning process, unless it is a team competition where the collaboration is within teams.  Other than that I think competition diminishes collaboration, where the idea of helping someone else can be the cause of your failure.  Also creating a competitive environment ultimately creates the entities of a winner and loser and I don’t think I would use a strategy that would not benefit the entire class.  I wouldn’t want to put that stress and anxiety for students to have a need to win.  I believe competition would only benefit the winners and having an imbalance of “winners” versus “losers” may have a negative impact on the class.”


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