PIDP 3250 Journal Entry 2


This Journal Entry was written to reflect upon this video by Susan Cain

The Power of Introverts

“Introverts feel at their most alive and their most capable when they’re in quieter, more low key environments…the key then to maximizing our talents is for us all to put ourselves in the zone of stimulation that is right for us.”

Objective: Susan Cain talks about her needs as an introvert in order to perform at her best. Generally, there is a perception that introverts are shy and aren’t social, however, that is not always the case. She speaks about introversion being more about how one responds to stimulation, including social stimulation. As opposed to extroverts, who require a larger amount of stimulation, introverts perform at their best in an environment that is low-key, often times in solitude.

Reflective: When I watched this video, I can’t help but agree with certain points. She talks about schools, workplaces and institutions being designed for extroverts. Furthermore, she uses examples of a modern day classroom being too focussed on group assignments and if students prefer to do their work on their own then they are labelled as outliers or problem cases.

PIDP 3250 is my second course within the program and so far one of the major focuses has been on andragogy with the main theme of the instructor being a facilitator of knowledge for students. If a student can perform better in an environment they’re comfortable with, why shouldn’t it be supported? Ideally if a student can prove they can grasp the lesson within their own means, even if the assignment is group related, then I don’t really see a problem giving students that freedom. It would be up to me as an instructor on how to judge the comprehension of the student. That in turn challenges me to create criteria or parameters to measure the learning of students, if they choose to do it their own way.
Interpretive: As Susan continues on with her presentation, she talks about the balance between introverts and extroverts. She explains how everyone falls on the spectrum somewhere and it is impossible to be completely one way. In order to focus and be creative, there is an importance in being alone in solitude to find your inner voice without distraction. Often times in group settings, people try to fit in by agreeing with the opinions within the group without even realizing it. Having this information as an instructor can be useful when you identify which students in your class are introverts and where you can alter certain lessons to help them perform better on their own.

Decisional: The main purpose of being an instructor is to have your students understand the content within your curriculum to the best of their ability. I think as an aspiring instructor, I would have to be aware of the different personalities and evaluate how I can create classes that are effective and inclusive for the various types of learners. Getting students out of their comfort zone can be a positive experience and it can help them overcome obstacles they may not realize they can overcome.


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