What is Heutagogy?

Through another forum discussion our instructor Doug uploaded this video and posed the question:  What is Heutagogy?

As the forum progressed one of my classmates gave us this handy resource to sort things out.


After watching the video and going through the chart, I still find it difficult to differentiate between andragogy and heutagogy.  When you look at pedagogy and andragogy, there is a distinct difference between them that is concrete, where one is used for children and the other for adults.  I find it confusing when you add heutagogy to the mix because I feel you need andragogy before you can get to heutagogy.  Heutagogy is definitely a theory you wouldn’t use on children because they don’t have enough life experience or motivation to be a self directed learner.  To incorporate this theory you need adults and that involves andragogy and that is why I believe heutagogy should be a subdivision of andragogy.


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