PIDP 3100 Journal Category 4

“Persevering at online learning is also affected by computer and information literacy, time management…online communication skills…self-esteem, feelings of belongingness in the online program and the ability to develop interpersonal skills with peers…”

Objective: What have you learned from reflecting on this particular quote? What has caught your attention?

I chose this quote because I can relate to it completely as all the factors listed are what weigh on me as an online learner. I have not taken a class in over 10 years, especially not an online program. In regards to time management, online communication and just being in a state of mind where I feel I can be part of an online community gives pressures I am not used to.

There was an assignment where I had to work with a partner and that tested my online communication skills. I found it to be a good exercise and helped me feel less alone as I went through the course because we could support each other in addition to collaborating on our assignment.

Reflective: What did you realize about teaching as a result of this quote?

To be an educator in an online program, you have to understand how your students may feel in regards to aspects they may not be comfortable with. You would also have to address any insecurities that your students may have with self-directed learning. When going through this online course myself, my instructor made me feel comfortable enough to share my insecurities if I hit a roadblock or did not understand the assignment. We would communicate through email and he provided support through check-ins to see how I was doing. I appreciated the support and would mirror this model if I were teaching an online course.

Interpretive: What was your ‘Aha!’ moment when you read this quote? In what ways did this quote change your mind about being an adult educator? What was one key insight that you now have as a result of this quote?

After going through the process and understanding how it feels as the learner, this quote and this course helps me realize what I can do as the educator to help students through an online program, should I be teaching one.

The biggest challenge the quote had listed, is for the learner to feel a part of an online community. Not only will this be a challenge to the learner but for the educator as well to run an educational program where the students feel comfortable learning in an online environment. Having gone through the process myself, I really appreciated the help I had from my instructor and my learning partner. In particular, our group assignment and for the overall support I received in order to feel comfortable as I went through the course.

Decisional: How has this quote and the insight that you have gained from reflecting upon it, influenced your notion of teaching or how you will teach in the future?

With my goal as being a culinary instructor, teaching an entire curriculum online may not be a normality because of the importance of hands-on experience with demonstration and the use of the 5 senses to identify proper techniques.

When I think about people who learn from short online videos about a particular dish or technique from websites like Youtube, I believe that online courses for culinary may become h norm. I think that to have an effective class with physical interaction with food it would need to be in a format where there is a combination of online and in-class where students can be graded on their abilities to produce proper products with the right techniques through demonstration. “Key findings include that blended instruction (a combination of face to face and online) was more beneficial than either totally face to face or online. Learners also had better outcomes in courses where the online instruction was collaborative or instructor-driven than when learners were left to be self-directed on their own.” (Merriam, Sharan B., Bierema, Laura L., 2014, page 198)

Merriam, Sharan B., Bierema, Laura L., 2014, page 198


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