Trends Relating to Education and the Culinary Arts

As a working chef in the culinary industry for the last 18 years, I can say the idea of being a chef has changed significantly and trends are often encountered. When I decided this was the field I wanted to enter, I never had the notion of being a celebrity or famous, which now seems to be a normal thought with the rise of the Food Network and prominent chefs gaining celebrity status.
In the area of culinary arts, there is a mass amount of online resources that people can refer to between blogs, forums and videos posted on sites like Youtube. Amateurs and professionals are turning to online applications and creating online personas to introduce themselves to the online community, and thus linking the world of culinary arts closer together.
The idea of being able to turn on your electronic device to get an online cooking lesson from a professional or to solve a problem you have about cooking can be very exciting. Following a blog where you can’t wait to see what the next fresh idea is from your favorite chef or personality can also add to that excitement. Whatever the motivation, online learning in regards to culinary arts has a relationship that is ever-evolving


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