Lesson Planning

Blooms Taxonomy
Topic selected: Psychomotor Domain:

The Psychomotor domain of Bloom’s taxonomy deals with the physical aspect of learning. I chose this domain because as a chef, I know I will rely heavily on teaching through demonstration. Teaching through demonstration is essential in the culinary industry. Without being shown how a sauce is put together or see how to break down certain animals for consumption, students might never be able to understand or know where to begin. As the instructor, these lessons would have a better impact when the students can visualize how certain things are done.
Characteristics of Adult Learners
Topic selected: Andragogy

This theory helps us understand why adults want to learn and knowing the characteristics of effective learning for adults would be vital for any classroom. Knowing how to motivate my class through andragogy will greatly improve my lessons by having them understand the importance of lessons so they can benefit from them. Giving the class the freedom to learn and discover solutions through experience as well as correcting their own mistakes along the way will have a positive impact.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment
Topic selected: Establishing a ‘Caring’ Connection

I believe an educator that can reach a connection of trust with their students will have a more effective lesson. To have your class buy in and believe that there’s a sense of caring promotes a positive learning environment. Keeping this in mind, I would let my class know what we would be learning at the start of a learning unit or section to establish goals. I believe learning is hindered when students feel uncomfortable. Encouraging students to be vocal and interactive with their peers promotes an environment where they feel safe to share their opinion.
Motivational Techniques
Topic Selected: Goal Setting

Setting goals helps the learner visualize a path they can follow to effectively progress in their learning. With adequate timelines and keeping concepts concise, educators can help students strategize a game plan to meeting these goals. I believe having goals for the class keeps the students focussed as well as the educator. Knowing what the class is trying to achieve helps students as individuals and students within the class can collaborate to achieve these goals together. To further improve my lessons, not only is the goal itself important, the educator needs to constantly review goals in order to maintain the level of education desired.

Topic Selected: Feedback

Giving feedback can really help the adult learner understand their progression. Having the idea of formal and informal feedback can help the instructor create a positive environment where the student feels safe to discuss goals for the course. Feedback is a positive way for the instructor and students to have open communication. For the greatest result, the students must consider the feedback source to be both credible and trustworthy. As well, I believe my lesson will improve from feedback because it’ll promote the idea of achieving goals in a group effort between the teacher and students within our respected roles.


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